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Mr. Tony Tan [Director/CEO/General Manager]

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Jl. Kendal No. 21A - Menteng (Showroom)
Jakarta Pusat 10310, Jakarta

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We are the trusted distributor for artificial turf / grass with solid reference projects. We import directly from Europe. Always double check the product authentication before purchase! ! For bbpin - available by request via sms
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Lapangan Futsal - rumput sintetis
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To invest in indoor soccer business / indoor futsal court not always have to be expensive. We have the solution to build you very efficient and cost concern soccer pitch for your to earn back your investment not more than 1.5 years.

Our product is from Domo Sports Grass - artificial turf Belgia and also artificial grass ActGlobal.

Products are ready stock in our Jakarta warehouse.

For more pictures, visit: http: / / sport/ projects.php

We provide FREE Consultation in this business basic management. And, also introduce you to direct sponsorship.

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